Adding product specific images on product pages that utilize the Body(All Pages) Functionality

I’m modifying an e-commerce template that utilizes Body (All Pages) functionality. I’m trying to add product images that are specific to each product on their corresponding product template page. I’m not sure how to do this and make those images specific to each product. (See screenshots) I also think I’ll run into a similar issue when it comes to modifying the rich text copy and making it specific to the given product on these pages as well. Any help would be appreciated.

Live test-site link -

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Hey there @Lad_Makinde!

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I have made a quick video of some steps we can take to when it comes to:

  • Setting up multi-images for specific products

  • Connecting the text area to the description field of each product.

​Hopefully this helps.

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Thank you for this, I think I was able to set it up correctly.

That being said, I’m running into issues trying to style the images differently depending on the product their attached to. For example, the adjustable bases, MF (series) they only have a remote as the “additional product image” -

I’d like to resize that image and make it smaller, however if I do that, then all the other additional product images also get resized negating all my previous efforts. How would I go about adjusting the additional image on the bases or on any of the products for that matter without effecting the whole? Is this even possible?