Adding photos to landing page

Hi everyone! I was hoping to figure out how to upload images sideways on a landing page

Simpliy scroll down to the rotation settings (under 2d,3d transforms) in the properties panel of the element or parent you want to rotate. (in your case use Z axis)

Thanks! what container should i use for this? because everytime i use a container it creates a huge gap between the logo and the heading

you should use a div block!

Thank you so much ill try that now

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Put the div block inside a container or section, you might want to set the container or section to a flex block and align content as needed

Let me try that because i got the same result as before

Let me insert my read only link because its not working for me

are you trying to rotate the top image, just rotate the image

not that image, no the images on the side of the page like the mockup

it should be on there now, but it (1) engulfs the entire page, and (2) creates a huge gap. And i am trying to add each image individually so I can animate them

sorry i dont know what you mean,

Yes so exactly like that without the space in between

A rudimentary fix, everything put into a section, take the image out the container and as a child of the section, set section position to relative, also set the image position to relative, adjust margin or relative positioning.

last relpy as its 1.30am where i am and im going bed

Of course! Thank you so much!