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Hi everybody! I’ve just started working on a client’s project, it’s a pretty straightforward task - I am adding a new page to their current website. I was wondering what is the best practice of doing it? Should I just add a page and start developing? Their website is really big, I don’t want to mess it up. I am afraid that if I mess it up I won’t even notice before other people do. I want to be consistent and use the same styling as my previous fellow developer did… I am just not sure what should I pay attention to in this case.
For obvious reasons, I can’t add view link, sorry

Hi Nicole,
why wouldn’t you share your experience here so everybody could maybe learn something new?

Was your intent to hire help to assist you? If not we should change the topic category. The “Freelancers” who post quickly here don’t usually offer any assistance unless for a fee.

Thanks Jeff, I’d better delete it

@Bonakaren - Topic changed.

Working with someone else’s design sounds easier than it is. You have to learn how the classes were named and what they do. I would start out by copying an existing page, making the content changes, then if stylistic changes were required create combo classes as needed. You might want to prefix your combo class names with a letter and a dash to attribute them to you just to keep things straight as it can get confusing real quick who did what on big sites. If you find yourself starting some base classes the prefix idea makes it easy to find them when searching class names. How Webflow handles classes is very different than normal CSS.

When you get in a pickle, create a new topic with as much details as you can. Normally help can be found pretty quick in the forums. Don’t forget to pay it forward.

Thank you Jeff for the advice! I will try prefixes :face_with_monocle:
If the project goes smoothly (and I hope it will) I’ll share my experience with the community!

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