Adding Option for Donors to Pay Stripe Transaction Fees at Checkout

Hi Everyone!

My nonprofit ( came across a donor that wanted to cover the Stripe transaction fees associated with their donation.

Is there any way to add this option to the ecommerce “checkout” page (perhaps under the “subtotal” line item div within the “order summary” element), so that the order summary total updates to include the fees when this option is checked?

I’m no expert in web dev (just self-taught enough to build this website) but have managed to stumble through figuring out how to use embeds to write a script (shout out to for another page on our site that performs arithmetic on dynamic cms number values, and feel I could do the same to add the fees to the “order subtotal” value, but I’m not sure how to access this referenced value in the checkout form since the “+ add field” button doesn’t populate within the HTML editor when the embed element is added to this page, and furthemore I’m not sure how to then bind the “order total” value to this new “order subtotal” value.

Any help is apprecated, and thanks in advance!

Hey Justin!
In your case, what are the Stripe transaction fees?
If it’s a fixed donation, you should be able to calculate this amount and then add it as an additional item.
If people leave custom donations, I’m sure it can still be done, it just might be a bit trickier.

Hey Justin :wave: One solution could be to create a variant of each product that is slightly more expensive. I haven’t done this before myself, but that’s the first idea that springs to mind