Adding new Payment in webflow

I have a question i’m from Philippines how can i add another payment in ecommerce like gcash and paymaya

You can’t with Webflow commerce. You could opt instead to use a third-party commerce solution that plays well with Webflow CMS. See integrations in the University.

1 more question… Can I use third-party commerce solution like shopify so i can add another payment method? thank you

Hi @mond,
you can integrad shopify into webflow.
–> Shopify Integration | Webflow University

OR you can convert your webflow site as a template to a shopify site using udesly adapter.
(you simply convert your site to shopify) Note, that you have to edit your site a bit and tell undesly what buttons are what with custom attrubutes.

Webflow to Shopify | Create Shopify Themes with Webflow |