Adding new pages/designs/sections to clients webflow website

Hi everyone

I’ve been trying to look for the best practices in building new parts of a website for a client who already has a webflow website and is on the free account plan. This would apply to whether or not I have designed and developed the website for the client in the past.

A few issues come to mind when thinking about the best method to follow:

  • Adding pages isn’t possible on the client’s free account plan.
  • They don’t have the ability to transfer the website to my paid account, again, because of the free account plan
  • There are other limitations when building the website within the client’s free account plan.

I am yet to find a solid way of dealing with this scenario and would be so grateful if anybody can give me any information to help understand the solutions.

Thanks in advance.


One time $24 on the client’s account for a month of lite plan and transfer the site.

Thanks for the reply Vincent.

Just a follow up, if the client does upgrade to a lite plan and then transfer the site to my account, will the hosting still be active?

He’s going to be prompted to transfer, or not, the hosting parameters.

This is great. then i would have the ability to transfer the site back to his account and be prompted to transfer hosting once again?

I believe yes. No reason why.

Hosting settings on Webflow side, anyway, are dead simple, it’s really not a big deal if you don’t transfer them or mess with them. The hard part is on the registrar’s side and that will stay untouched anyway.

I don’t get that, if the client paid for hosting (Site Plan), then he can have up to 100 pages.

Okay so having a hosting plan will give the ability to create new pages even though they’re on a free account plan?

ANY site plan lifts ALL the limitations for a given site, except those features: transfer site and export code.

The link you’ve sent through is golden!

Thanks for this

That’s a table I made for myself quite some time ago, it’s still my reference. I cleaned it and published it recently.