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Adding Native support for Google Tag Manager

Hi there,

everytime our SEO checks our webflow sites he complains about the GTM integration.

As it isn’t possible to place the GTM Code directly after the opening body tag, we use jQuery
to place the GTM immediatly after the opening body tag but Google Tag Assistant,
doesn’t understands this so … only the blue flag :-(, complains etc.

By mistake i found out, that if you intergrate the GTM code at the “Footer-Code-Section”
Google Tag Assistant turns green.

Strange, because this isn’t a good position. But as the Code isn’t covered within a div,
Google Tag Assistant doesn’t complain.

Please vote for :wink:

GTM is so important!


hello kalli,

i would like to work with a webflow designer in Berlin. could you send out your company website? Or contact?

thank you!

Hallo Heiko,

es ist mir leider nie gelungen webflow Designer in Berlin zu finden.

Es gibt trotzdem bestimmt einige … :wink:

Ich arbeite seit ca. 3-4 JAhre mit einem Team an verschiedenen Freelancern zusammen.

Vl. kann ich Dir jemand empfehlen. Was brauchst Du den?

Viele Grüße