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Adding multiple links to parts of an image

Hi, I’m very new to this webflow thing, and I am trying to add 2 links to 2 different locations on a single image, and I can’t seem to nail it for some reason. I tried making a link block in absolute position and move it around to the desired area with the arrows, but it doesn’t work.

Any suggestions would be more than helpful.

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@NoxxPie try setting you image as the background of a div thats display setting are set to flex… then place your link blocks inside the div with your background image. you can flex each of those link blocks to fill the parent as you wish. this would achieve a split of the parent by the two child link blocks… also kinda new to all this ish…keep at it… lots of info out there and many ways to skin a cat ive learned


Thank you, so much. I know this was a stupid question, but you helped so much.

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@NoxxPie not stupid at all… i was in your shoes not to long ago… was kinda excited i could actually help lol

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