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Adding multiple images to lightboxes


I am having trouble adding multiple images at once to a lightbox. I can’t seem to select more than one when adding to it despite trying to use my Ctrl or Shift buttons.

Can anyone help please.



Hi @sgreensted, Could you share your site’s read-only link so we on the forum can take a closer look? More info on read-only links here:

Cheers, Dave

Thank you


Thanks @sgreensted, I am taking a look, will get back to you as soon as possible :smile: Cheers, Dave

@sgreensted - It looks like you got this figured out. What did you do? I’m having the same problem.
When I add images to a lightbox, it just keeps adding “example-bg.png” to the stack over and over again.

Hi @sgreensted, @ShaggyLittle sorry for the late reply. At the moment, you can only add one image as the lightbox thumbnail, and then you can add additional images using the lightbox settings. You can only add one image at a time. Selecting multiple images for the lightbox does not yet work.

Cheers, Dave

Is there a way of using assets to load image files to lightbox? !50 images one by one is a pain.