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Adding links to dropdown menu

I am building my first site on Webflow and have received some great help so far (thanks @garymichael1313). I am now trying to add items to the dropdown menu and seem to be missing something. Perhaps I set my nav up wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Your Nav seems right looking at it. What are you having trouble with exactly?

On tablet/mobile, I click the dropdown nav and no links show. I am unable to copy links and move them for mobile nav.

Nate, man it’s confusing to see what you’ve done. Do this; unlink all the nav menus (right click and unlink). The symbol will still be in the assets, just unlink so you work with them. Then I can see better.

I am unable to right click. I just get the browser right click menu. Is there some setting to enable?

Oh oh sorry… on the symbol right click to unlink.

Thank you. Done. Everything has been unlinked

Man Nate, I’m looking at it. It’s really confusing what has happened. Wait… You have a show in Vegas right? I know you!

You’re that famous magician… Uh… Sig… or McElroy… or something like that? :sunglasses:

You’ve created a real mystery here.

Anybody else want to help figure this out?

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