Adding interaction conditions

Hello guys,

I have added to my website 5 dots (vertically) and i want to make them become dark when scrolling.

I have 6 conditions :

  • initial apparence
  • dot 1 becomes black
  • dot 2 becomes black

Each condition is attached to a section of my website (a title or a div block).

The interactions are working well, but sometimes i have 2 conditions at the same moment.
So two dots become black.

Is there a way to manage it in order that only one dot at a time becomes dark ?

Here is the preview link :

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

If you adjust the offset you should be able to get this to work how you want (lessen the time the dots are on at the same time).

Example on “dot 2 becomes dark”

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Perfect, thank you Joe !

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