Adding images into numbered list in CMS rich text block

I am working on building my first blog for a client and have run into an issue. I am staging a post that has a numbered list of 10 how-to steps and there are images I need to add to visualize the steps.

The problem is that the + icon in the CMS rich text block is only appearing if I do two hard returns—but then that starts the numbering over again and I’m ending up with all 1s instead of 1 –10. If I do a shift-return after a step, I can preserve the numbers—but don’t get the + icon that allows me to insert the image. Is there a remedy for this??

Thanks in advance for any help!

Here’s my read-only LINK

Have a look at Finsweet’s Powerful Rich Text, and Refokus Rich Text Enhancer.

Try doing your hard returns, adding the image, backspace the image into the numbered list, then shift + return to preserve the numbers.

Haven’t tried that, specially myself, but I’d assume thats how you’d nail it.

@memetican Thank you so much for these resources! They look to be able to resolve some other limitations I bumped into with CMS rich text blocks.

@ChrisDrit I was not able to get this to work since attempting to backspace the image just deleted it. I also tried putting the i-cursor at the end of the numbered item the image supports and forward-deleting the extra returns, but that deletes the image, too, on the first tap of the forward-delete button. I’m guessing maybe because those hard returns aren’t visible once the image goes in, so there’s technically no space between the text line and the image.

But thanks so much for the suggestion!! I ended up doing a different type of typographical solution.