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Adding hosted site to auto generated sitemap

We are hosting a discord forum on our site, with an external URL.
Our project is very large, with daily blog updates and multilingual, so we can not add the sitemap.xml manually.
How can I add this page (and maybe future other hosted pages) to the sitemap without having to add a new sitemap every single day?

Webflow’s sitemap feature only works with pages and cms items, not third party apps. If you aren’t using Webflow you are in the wrong place.

Your sitemap on the www domain (webflow site) is normally generated by the publish action. It is present. The only thing that should be within it is pages and CMS items not hidden. It looks intact and populated. Your forum is running a third party sitemap generator. The main sitemap on that site references two other sitemaps which are populated.

I am confused about which site you are having a problem with and exactly what the problem is. Can you further elaborate?

I’ll try to explain the core issue.
As our Webflow site is our main CMS site, and the forum is hosted as an extra feature,
we would like to have the forum presented on google as well as a sitelink.

It might be that sitemap isn’t what’a necessary here,
but which other way would be possible to show the forum page as a Sitelink on google with our main Webflow site, and add to it google visibility and so on?

When doing SEO for my clients, I usually add the site to Google’s Search Console and work from there. I recommend you take a look at Get your website on Google. Since your forum has no pages in the index you can jump to that section.