Adding Hero Text on top of a slide

For the template, Grow, I have been trying to add Hero Text on top of a new slide I added, but it keeps moving to the bottom. Is there a setting I can use to have it lay on top of the slide, similar to how the first slide of the template is structured?

Images attached, one where it pushes the image of the slide down, and the template example where the Hero Text lays on top of the slide.


It’s would be much easier to help you if you could share read-only link to your project :wink: (top right corner on your dashboard)

Oh, figured it out by playing with it. Need to go to advanced settings to see the advanced settings, and update it fixed position, and choose the alignment. Guess I need to just play with things more.

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I am having the same situation and could not figure it out. Would you share how you solved this?
I am trying to create something like in this header/herosection:

I gave up, and created a wix site instead.


Hello @George_Konig,

Could you share read-only link to your project, please. It would really speed things up.
How to share read-only link: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Without seeing project I can only say that slides should have position Relative and titles inside the slide - position Absolute.


Hi Anna,

thank you for your help. I tried it with absolute and relative positions, but then the hero heading disappears behind the slideshow. Hope you can help me out.