Adding guest authors to blog

Hi guys. I’m pretty new to webflow and just set up my first site ( A partner of ours wants to share a blog post on our site but I’m not sure how to add her as a “guest author” thru the collection editor. The only options I’m seeing for authors are members of our team, which obviously won’t work.

Just as an FYI, I did use a template to jumpstart the process and didn’t make the blog collection from scratch.

Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much.

Hello and welcome to the community.

That feature does not exist. There is currently no granular access control on the editing process. It is a serious missing feature in my opinion. Maybe we will see progress in this area before too long.

Thanks Jeff! That’s good to know and I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully some of Webflow’s recent round goes to this. Appreciate you responding!

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There’s a third party service called which offers more control over the number of editors / guests you can have. This is a paying service for more than 1 post a month though.

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