Adding Grid Lines

Hello. I want to add both vertical and horizontal grid lines to this chart, but as you can see, they aren’t appearing correctly. (not like they showed in the tutorial video) Any suggestions?


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could you share your read-only link? The link you shared is your published link. That can help but the read-only allows us to see what’s actually going on. What tutorial were you using? If you could share that as well, that’s always helpful to see what you’re trying to do.

Hi @WG910, it looks like your padding and margin are not lining up properly with your Grid elements.

As @sarahfrison mentioned, having your actual share link will better help us resolve this issue for you?

sorry about that. i think this is the link you need.

Hi @WG910, hope this video helps.

Happy Designing,

Hello Brandon -
Thank you so much for taking the time to do (and redo) the video for me. I don’t seem to have any problem with the columns/row staying aligned in the responsive design – actually, only the portrait mobile is an issue and I might just hide the table from that device.

But the lines are still giving me trouble. Is there any chance I could get a read-only link for what you did with the lines?


Hi @WG910 Jeannette,

I didnt recreate in a new project, I just used your share link. So everything I did went away.

However, in using the new Grid 2.0 layout, you can accomplish a full table view even on mobile portrait.

I just didnt have the time to do that and share links to save changes. lol

Good luck and Happy Designing,

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