Adding Form File Upload Feature with Ecommerce Hosting

The website that I am building doesn’t really fit into the given hosting platforms currently available, I need to be able to have ecommerce capabilities as long as the “form file upload” feature available to me. And to my current knowledge you can’t access both of those at the same time. This has brought a grinding halt to my project because if I switch to business hosting to access the file form upload feature I won’t be able to use the ecommerce aspects that I need, but if I stay with ecommerce hosting I won’t be able to use the file upload feature. I hope that isn’t too confusing but I am really just desperate for answers here.


Ugh this is the info i was looking for. so ecommerce doesn’t support this. wow. Why wouldn’t ecommerce plans have all features available?

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I also just ran into this. Seems like the $3 difference wouldn’t be enough to exclude the form uploads feature, especially since a lot of people might only use it a little bit, but need it for those times it’s needed.
I’m guessing this was more of an oversight than planned?

Oh wow, is this really a thing? Totally looks like an oversight of course.

For now you may use third party integration like this.

You can use the file upload feature on Webflow e-commerce plans but you just need to be on Plus or Advanced plan. See here >> Ecommerce Hosting & File Upload