Adding folder to site published only as .io - do I need to create 301s?


I have developed a site but did not add a folder structure.

It has been published to the .io domain but with ‘do not index’ turned on.

It has not yet been published to the custom domain.

If I try to add a folder to move some pages into it warns that if I do this, I need to create 301 redirects.

But, if it hasn’t been published to the custom domain, and is not being indexed by search engines as per the project settings, then do I need to worry about 301s?

Obviously next time I will not be so stupid and work out a folder structure first!!! :slight_smile:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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In general, NO ==> you have nothing to worry about.

If the pages is not indexed yet and you did not share the link anywhere - 301 has no meaning for this specific case.

Hi Ezra

Thanks very much for your reply! I’ve created folders and all seems fine with the .io page so as long as it hasn’t been indexed all should be fine.