Adding Finsweet "Load more" feature to "List of Filter". [Problem]


I am having trouble figuring out why the Finsweet Filter feature is not working after the Finsweet Load More feature is added to the list of filter options.

For better understanding, I have attached a link my a loom recording.

That won’t work.
FS Load more actually creates the elements in your page at the point it displays them.
FS Filter needs to execute script to initialize those elements to make them functioning filter controls.

You’re basically creating uninitialized filter controls.

You could dig into the API docs and post on Finsweet+ to see if there’s a way to re-initialize your filters after a load change, but beyond that, you’d want a different approach.

Cool idea though.

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Thank you for your prompt response and insights. I appreciate your suggestion to explore the API docs and reach out to Finsweet+ for potential solutions.

Interestingly, I observed a similar feature implemented successfully by JetBoost. I was considering trying to recreate it with Finsweet.

Thanks again for your time and guidance. I’ll look into the API docs and Finsweet+. If you come across any other ideas or solutions, feel free to share them.

You can build it more effectively with custom JS or interactions.
For interactions, look up accordion designs, you can adapt that type of arrangement to your limited view and show-all.

I tend to use custom JS because I get more precise control on the behavior, but you’d need to understand coding and custom CSS.