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Adding elements into the navigator stack


Day 2 using WebFlow. What an awesome tool. Super pleased to have started.

Sending out my first question. Apologies if this is the wrong section to be asking.

I’ve noticed from watching some tutorials that the navigator panel has changed the location for the better though where I’ve been grabbing elements to put in a page view I was wondering if you could still pull from elements to place straight into the navigator tree stack? It looks like this used to be possible.

Thanks and best regards.

@elliot-hr welcome to the forum! Yes, that’s still possible! It takes some practice compared to the old layout but it does work.

Ah ha!! Thanks for the reply, Sarah. I should’ve persisted to play about more and find out for myself. Since you’ve said it’s still possible I’ve now realized you can click/hold/hover over the area which then switched views to the navigator :slight_smile: Good to know, I’ll be doing this now a lot.

@elliot-hr yes! That’s exactly the move you need to add stuff directly to the navigator. I for one, am glad this functionality got added again after the navigator changes afterward :tada: