Adding Dynamic Checkout Buttons (i.e. GPay)


I’m currently drafting a new site for my business. I’m wanting to be able to put a dynamic checkout button for GPay underneath the “add to basket” button on each product page - as an example, this is what Thornbridge Brewery do:

Any thoughts on how to achieve this? Please don’t suggest a secondary platform / subscription as I want to keep everything managed internally with Webflow.


Unfortunately there’s no way to do this without external platforms.

I know you said don’t suggest a second platform but @foxy helps you keep everything inside Webflow, definitely worth looking.

Cheers Aaron.

I’ve seen Foxy mentioned on here, but their pricing tiers are pretty brutal.

Hi @MrJP.
Josh from Foxy here. Mind confirming what pricing you’re landing on to use Foxy? Our pricing is less expensive than most, so I wonder if there may be confusion in the breakdown or maybe we’re not communicating the options well. Mind confirming?



I’m just not that interested in paying an extra $20 a month to get a single piece of functionality - I appreciate your platform does more, but I don’t need it right now.

Hi @MrJP.
Thanks for confirming. That makes sense.


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