Adding Disqus to a Webflow hosted site?

Is there a way to add Disqus commenting system in a Webflow hosted site? aNy suggestions or tutorial will be appreciated.

Hi @techguru , its very easy. You sign up for free Disqus account, and then you copy the embed code they provide for your comments, and you just paste that into an Embed widget on your page, where you want the comments to appear. Disqus will walk you through the process of getting the embed code on their website, that you paste into the Embed widget in the Webflow page design.

I hope this helps, cheers !

@cyberdave. Whoa! That is indeed soooo easy. Thanks! Love it!

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On a similar note, there is another option at which also offers forums as well as comments, that can be integrated into
Although I’m not a fan of their forum style (much prefer the forum used here at it integrates well into the website, and I guess is easily transferred if you move else where.

I am trying to integrate muut on my website but it doesn’t work