Adding custom content in collection pages along with dynamic content

I am making a blog site, and each blog page will have a slider with different content.
The content on the left is dynamic, but I want to have custom content in the slider for each blog.

can someone help me figure this out?

Depends on the exact content driving the slider, but;

  • Collection A = Blog
  • Collection B = Slides, contains
    • Single-ref to the associate blog article
    • Integer sequence for sorting control
    • Any content, images, etc

Blog collection page contains the article, and a collection list bound to B.

  • B is filtered to current article
  • B is sorted by sequence

Design your slides with your content, and then use a tool like Finsweet CMS Slider to connect it to a Webflow Slider, or else build a custom one using e.g. SwiperJS.

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