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Adding css to the html element

Is there a way to set CSS properties on the HTML element? I’m evaluating webflow, and I’m curious because sometimes the design calls for the page height to stretch to fit the screen. As I currently understand it, you must set 100% height on the element in order to achieve this, but it doesn’t look like there’s a way to do it in webflow (that I can see).

you can set an element to be position absolute or fixed. Then you can give it a height of 100%.

If you need even MORE control, you can put your own CSS codes in the custom code area.

Ben, in webflow the way you add CSS to the HTML elements on the page is - you select the element, go to the style panel, add a class, and then add CSS properties visual including height or other CSS properties. Does that make sense?

thesergie, to clarify, I meant THE element (ie the document root node), not any HTML element. The webflow element tree starts at .

Oh gotcha. Haha! There are a lot of html/css beginners so sometimes I want to state the obvious to be helpful.

The <html> tag has height set to 100% by default. That’s usually what you need for the html element to set things to 100% vh. Here’s a discussion with details:

Ah, I didn’t even see that. Thanks for the reference!