Adding Country List in Contact Forms

Hi All - I’m having issues with my Contact Form. I’ve added the “Select” field for the contact form and now want to install a country list option. Where do I find one and how do I add it?

Your fast and precision based help is greatly appreciated!


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Hello, @mickb

There is no such function like “Install” list of countries, unfortunately. You will have to add it manually.

P.S. I think it would be a great request for Wishlist category.

Already requested here. Do post in that thread to bump it and show your support for this request.

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You may be interested in this:

I haven’t used it, but it may be worth a look at.

Will I manually be able to add 213 listed items?


There is limitation to 100 items in the dropdown, I think.

In your case you can try this workaround from @bartekkustra

Hope it helps.


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Sabana - I’m not at all a coder/developer. How would I begin to install the custom code and attach it to the SELECT field in the forms?


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No problems. Just follow these steps:

  1. Add select field to the form

  2. Give this select field some ID (I used “country-select”) and remove all options except first (“Select one…”)

  3. Add this code snippet to the FOOTER Custom code area on the page settings or site settings:


Sabanna - Once I follow the steps above, do I need to do anything further (save and publish site) in order to see it?

Pls advise…


Yes, sorry that didn’t mention that.

You will be able to see the result (all list of countries) only on published site.


A BIG THANKS :smiley:

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