Adding content to a CMS generated page

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I’m trying to create unique buttons within a cms generated page. I do not want to link to outside content, nor am I trying to have users upload directly to the cms (I know that isn’t supported yet). I am trying to add these unique buttons to cms pages, and link them to content manually uploaded (.pdf’s and .jpgs). The problem is that if I add a button to one cms page design, the same button appears on all of the css pages. Other than creating a new collection for each page I generate, I cannot figure out how to have unique linking buttons on multiple generated pages within a cms collection.

I hope that makes sense…

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Hi @Hichmond,

It sounds like you would like a button to appear, only if there is content to be downloaded on that particular CMS page? Is that correct?

Actually, there will be content for buttons in almost every cms page; what i want is unique buttons on a particular cms page (unique name and linking to unique content) that is not attached to that particular page in the collection.

Yeah, I wish I wasn’t eating a cheese toastie when I looked at that link… :neutral_face: good grief.

With the CMS, you can add a condition of whether you want to see that button or not.
So you have a toggle in the CMS - “Show unique button?” On the CMS pages you add the button, but give it a condition that it only shows if “Show unique button” toggle is set.

Every page can have the unique content button, or just one. You can give the button it’s own name, link style depending on the settings in the CMS.

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hmmm… but won’t i run into a limit of unique cms fields that I can make?

Say if I add 6 buttons for each cms generated page with conditions, wouldn’t the parent collection use up the available fields quickly?

You’re using a lot of fields for Presenters and their bios. You could make a new collection and reference these in your Meetings collection. This would free up some fields for you to add the additional buttons.

You can use many collections to make it easier to manage.
Locations - the client can add venues and details
Presenters - they can always be archived ifs necessary, and easier to edit/delete

ah, and link the various collections? that would complicate things on the backend, but simplify things on the frontend. Do you suggest that I make a separate collection for each field and link them, or simply split the presenters off? Each presenter will have a different overview for each meeting, and there is no way of predicting which presenter will attend a particular meeting. That’s why I didn’t bother making a separate presenter CMS.

thank you for your (continued) help marko!

If you create a Presenter collection, you can link them with the meeting collection.

There are then two options. Use one field to add a multi-reference, so the user selects 5,6 or 7 presenters from the drop down list for the meeting.

Or use a single reference field, but you’ll still use 10 fields instead of 20.

Have a play and see which one works best for you I suppose.

You’re welcome, shout out if you need more help!

ok, i’ll play around and let you (and anyone else reading) know how it goes. cheers markos

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As @magicmark has the main issue solved, i’ll follow up on the other query…

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