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Adding Authentication Headers to my form Post


I am currently trying to post a form on webflow to a custom endpoint API, however it requires me to send a basic authentication header. I have seen solutions for this that say I can use javascript to complete the form post but I am not too comfortable with exposing that information in the page source.

My question is: Is there a way inside the webflow CMS that I can add a basic authentication header to be sent along with my Form post action?

Any suggestions / help you can give on the matter would be greatly appreciated, as I am running out of ideas myself.


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No there is not. You should look into using an integration tool like Zapier, integromat, etc…

Thank you for your reply, so it would be more of a case of

  1. Form posts to Webflow
  2. Zapier (or another service) looks at Webflow and add it to my custom Endpoint