Adding anchor links using the editor


I’m trying to add anchor links to an article so that readers will be able to reach different subtopics of the article easily.
The article is a CMS page, there is a whole collection tied to it and so I need each article tied to this collection to show a different set of anchors.
1- is there a way to add anchors using the editor?
2- if not, how do I do it using the designer considering the fact it is a CMS page?

This is the article:

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I believe it would be a similar process to this video but for step one you would instead embed custom code at the relevant place on the page.


For this example when adding the link (step two) you would put #link1 as a regular link.

As the video says this only works after the site has been published.

Hi Paul, thanks for answering:)

I’m a newbie… any chance you can explain it as a step by step…?:wink:
I understand well how to place anchors on a regular page, but where would I embed the code you mention?

All the text on the page is positioned inside element “blog post text”:

Happy to help! You would add the anchors in the same place you edit the blog text. In the rich text editor there is a + sign where you can add bullet points and images etc. One of the options here is to embed code. So,

  1. Open your blog post in the CMS
  2. Find the place in the text where you want the anchor to go
  3. Embed the anchor text using the code snippet I sent. Each time you add a new anchor point you need to give it a unique ID
  4. Save your blog post
  5. When adding the link shown in step two of the video you need to link to the unique ID you created for each anchor.
  6. Publish your site and test the anchor links on the live site.
    Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot!!
I followed your steps but I’m not sure what to do in step 5 :slight_smile:
What am I suppose to type for the link? As I understand, I’m supposed to stay in the CMS:


There are two steps.

The first step is to add the ID “anchorlinkname” to your blog post. Do this by embedding the code in a similar way to the below code - embedding code is not the same as adding a link. In your screenshot you are adding a link but you should click the embed code option instead.


The second step is to add the “#anchorlinkname” to your menu so that when you click on your menu it goes to the ID “anchorlinkname” in the blog post.

Please follow the instructions for step two in the video I originally sent you. For step two just create a regular link that looks something like this.


This will create a link from the menu to the ID you created in step 1.

The #anchorlinkname in your menu and the ID “anchorlinkname” in your blog post need to have the same name.

Remember to publish before you test to see if it is working because it will not work in preview mode.

A very basic understanding of the way regular anchor links are created may be helpful.

Thanks again Paul,
I guess I wasn’t clear before. I did embed the code before trying to add the link, you can see here:
anchors 2

It seems anchors work a bit different from within CMS pages than they do on regular pages. I’m not sure how to link to the ID I placed in the embed.

I’ll try to work it out from your instructions. Thanks again for taking the time:-)

To create a link to the id just create a regular hyperlink but instead of it starting with http:// it will start with #. Example #thenameofyourid

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Hi @britishchap thanks for your code! I’ve gotten the anchor links to work, and so I can navigate from my table of contents to each individual section in my webflow CMS Rich Text Editor. However, it’s turning all of my text in the blog post teal, which is the color I have in my Style Guide for RTE hyperlinks. Is this related to the code snippet you provided? In other words, is the code impacting my normal paragraph font color such that webflow thinks it’s all a link now?


Did you ever figure out this glitch? I’m experiencing the same thing!

Same here, can anybody explain why does it happen?