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Adding an Input field to a radio button

Hey guys,

Is there an option to add an input field to one of the radio button choices like here:

So if a user selects Other, he should write in his own words.

Thank you

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Great question @meetingingorkipark about adding that custom “Other” option.

It might take a bit of styling to achieve this, but here is the general concept behind it.

Step 1: Create the “Other” radio button field

Step 2: Create a text input field and call it “Other response” or something similar that’s easily recognizable (set it to display: none by default or on page load)

Step 3: Create a show/hide interaction to show that input field when the “Other” radio button is selected

Step 4: Create another interaction to apply to the other radio buttons to hide that input field if one of the primary options are selected

When form submissions come through, you’ll see that there’s now an “Other” input field that will display with no results unless that input field has been marked.

I hope that this is helpful! Happy designing :webflow_heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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thank you for the reply. I actually did it exactly this way, but I thought that there could be some clash between the radio buttons and input. glad, that I was thinking in the right direction :slight_smile:

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