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Adding an image to a custom slider inside embed HTML

Hi Guys

I am using a custom drag slider… I would like to be able to add images with in the custom html to the slider from webflow, is this possible with out having to spin up a server and use full url links?

Many Thanks

Hey @tommyboy82 yes, you can :+1:

Hi @Selva is it possible to do from a collection? And thank you for taking the time to reply :smiley:

Hey, @tommyboy82 no way to make from the collection. because of the collection items are diff

So you can’t have a custom slider with images powered from a collection at all?

How could I add to the custom slider manually? without having to load the images up on to a server somewhere?

That only possible make individual collection list -> every custom slide make the conditions

hi @Selva I’m very new to this… do you have an example at all?

Add your images in webflow and then get the image url’s and paste embed custom code slider.

So I would need to do that for every case study… rendering the collection page redundant?

So no way of having a dynamic slider for a gallery? As per my read only link?

Hey, @tommyboy82 try this, Image Asset details, get image url’s and then add custom code slide’s

Thank’s @Selva can I do this for dymnaically created pages by a collection template? able to go in a hard code the images in?

You can do this. but, we can’t inside embed HTML

Sorry forgive me… Like I Say, i’m very new to this… have never used a collection before. So the custom slider I have… there is no way of getting images into that from a collection… even if I go through and manually add them?

Hey @tommyboy82 please watch this course ,