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Adding an href to a data tab


I am trying to add an href link to a data tab but I don’t seem to find ou how.

However when it’s a normal link I am able to link it to a section.

Here’s the website I am working in

The wrapper is built by columns and blocks with text and block links in it. When you click on “Black Basalt”, you can see the URL changing to its name.

Now the second wrapper is built by a tab widget when you click on “Black Basalt” the URL won’t change, and that’s because I am not able to add an href to the tab link.

Any advice?


If the possibility doesn’t exist it’s because… what’s the point of it? You want to, at the same time, open a tab and target an anchor? It’s a genuine question, I thionk there’s maybe a better structure for what you’re trying to do.

I just want to change the url to the category tab title for seo purposes ->

But targetting sections end up adding a “#ID” to the URL, which really means the link goes to the page and to targeted section. So it should work when you browse that URL. And that will work with Webflow only for the active, default tab. You won’t be able to target any tab directly.

I can’t find the SEO benefit of adding “#IDs” to URL, could you point me to a rule?

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