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Adding Amazon OneLink custom code

Hi there, has anyone posted Amazon OneLink custom code to their site? I have added it in the ‘Before’ body sections of my Home page and my Shop page. Webflow have said one looks ok and the other (Home page one) isn’t. Has anyone else added this code? Is there any way of testing whether it has worked? Should this be visible on my site or just to me in Designer?
Thanks in advance.

HI, i’ve added more context to this in the hope someone can help me. I use the Webflow CMS and have 2 ‘shops’. One where i sell products directly and the other where i am an Amazon affiliate. I have generated an Amazon Onelink custom code and i’m now trying to add this to my site in a place where it works ie a US visitor to my site who wants to buy a product on Amazon should be taken to Amazon US and not Amazon UK (which is the site i used to generate the links to products). The OneLink should now override these product links and direct customers to either the US or the UK depending on where they have an Amazon account.
So i have added the custom code to my CMS in the ‘body’ section of my recommended products but this is still keeping customers in the UK amazon site instead of redirecting.
Has anyone else added Amazon OneLink custom code?

I meant to add a link to view my site:

Where the Amazon affiliate products appear is in the (purple) Recommended Product Categories template page as they are generated via the CMS, so this is the page where you would add the code to (hopefully) affect those Amazon links:


Hi @Myketobod127, could you help to share the site read-only link so that we can take a look? It would also be helpful to share the published site url to check that code installation is ok and there are no errors.

Thanks in advance

HI Dave.

Here is the url

I’ve just added this info elsewhere and will add to the forum:

Anyone can join Amazon US. I have and have set up an affiliate account. My initial account was amazon U.K. and all my affiliate links were created from the amazon U.K. platform.

Amazon OneLink is a way of globalising things so I created an amazon US account and linked my UK affiliate account. Amazon then created a custom code for me to add to my site so that US customers visiting my site would be directed to amazon US, UK customers to the UK, French to France etc etc. I only linked the US and UK together.

Is this sufficient to take a look?


Hey i get your point. I am running on webflow i do have some affiliate products from amazon. And sometimes I add recommended products in blog posts. But the onelink (ithink) is set in amazon and all your stores ex: amazon us, uk, as, eu … are generated automatically once a user clicks on them… thats working fine for me without adding any code, just by configuring it on the amazon affiliate portal. I am still looking and trying new ways and better ways to add amazon products to webflow. If anyone has any ideas please let us know!