Adding a Shopify Cart Button to Webflow Navbar


I’m currently seeking help on how to add a “cart” button into the navbar that connects to a Shopify cart. Here’s a brief overview of my setup and what I’m looking to achieve:

Current Setup:

  • I’ve embedded a Shopify cart on my Webflow site using the “Buy Button” app integration.
  • The cart appears on the right-hand side of the page when a customer adds an item.

Desired Functionality:

  • I want to add a dedicated “cart button” to the navbar of my Webflow site.
  • Clicking this button should open the Shopify cart, allowing customers to view items in cart like the side cart button.


  • Are there any existing apps or code snippets available to integrate a cart button into the Webflow navbar?
  • What’s the best approach to achieve this functionality while maintaining a seamless user experience?

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