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Adding a Lightbox

Watched this video, but my dashboard doesn’t show a widget for adding a lightbox. How can I get that installed?

Oops, here’s the video:

The Webflow lightbox is still considered Beta so you have to activate the widget by typing CTRL+E+L.

Read through this thread:

It’s Interesting the there’s a tutorial video for a feature that isn’t actually released yet.

Hi @bryantay, that is a neat trick isn’t it :smile: We were going to release lightbox last week, but found some things that needed some work on that, so the launch was postponed a bit, it should be released on Tuesday, if the remaining tests all are good and everything is happy. At most though, only a couple of days or so…

Great. @cyberdave. Is there a way we can test it as we’ll?

I’m particularly curious about the 100% body height bug I ran into.

Hi @bryantay, I have sent you a PM with some info. Cheers!