Adding a Google styled map

I have created a customised map on Google My Maps and successfully embedded it onto my Webflow page. Now I would like to make that map styled. I have created a Google Styled Map, which generated JSON and URL for the Google Static Maps API. How can I add the style to my webflow page???

Hi Samliew, the links you have provided do not shed more light on my issue. May I kindly ask you to provide a detailed explanation on how you’d add a styled google map (the JSON and the link) to a webflow website? Very much appreciated!

You would paste the code in the custom code section of the page. I have provided the tutorial for you to do so.

hi Sam, the links you gave are helpful, yet generic and do not respond to my very specific question of how to add styled map. I am not a developer, so I really need your help with this. What do I do with the JSON bit of code that Google Styling tool gave me? Where do I put the API key? Where do I insert the URL given by Google?

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