Adding a countdown timer

Hi - how do I add a live countdown timer (which remembers when the end date is) WITHOUT linking to a paid widget website like Elfsight?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ll need some javascript to do so, have a look at this codepen - might be a good starting point.
Hope that helps.

Thanks but I found this instead - still trying to figure it out but seems a much cleaner, better way of doing it compared to anything else available:

We’re really sorry you didn’t like our Countdown Timer as an option.
It seems you didn’t like the add logo in the free Lite version of the plugin. It can be hidden if you upgrade your Lite plan to any of the paid or non-profit plans.
If you have a non-profit website or you’re interested in our Black Friday 50% off deal (it’s still on), please contact us. We’ll be glad to find a solution exactly for your needs.

We’re looking forward to your reply.

Elfsight Team

Thanks but for a simple countdown timer (without a logo) I don’t want to take out a subscription.

I figured out how to do it with the link I posted above (for free and no logo)


Do the way that suits you best. :ok_hand:
Anyways, we’ll be always happy to help with any other questions or cases, feel free to contact us at any time. :wink:

Best regards,
Elfsight Team