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Adding a cart button to the navigation menu

Hi there,

I am new to Webflow but after reading this page:

It seems adding a cart to your nav menu is easy but it doesn’t let me. I can see you can create your own nav bar and add it but why can’t you add it to the built in nav bar as per the page above?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hej @Webbieads.

If you could please share the read-only link to your site I would gladly look into it and help you.

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Ah i see the issue here. You can’t drag and drop elements into a symbol unless the symbol Is opened at the time.

Do this:

  1. Double click the navbar

  2. Now that the navbar symbol is opened, drag the cart element into the navbar.

  3. Done

Unfortunately, it does not let me do that. It says “Cart cannot be placed in a nav menu” - please see attached screenshot.

Okay i understand. You can’t place a cart inside of the native navbar menu because the menu collapses into a “mobile menu” with a hamburger icon when viewed o smaller screens (phones). This is probably so that the menu remains responsive when switching to mobile breakpoint.

Place the cart inside of the container instead as I did. Check out the screenshot

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Ok, many thanks for your help, I will have a play about with that :grin: