Adding a button that will dynamically add one cms item to another cms item's custom field

Hi all, I am in a difficult position. I am new to web design and have limited experience in coding.

(To make it slightly easier to understand I will refer to the CMS’s as CMS1 and CMS2)

My problem is I am trying to create a button that will show in a CMS list wrapper for CMS1. The button will add specific CMS1 items into a custom field within CMS2. It should be able to reference the users selected CMS2 item (or list) and only add the selected CMS1 item to the selected CMS2 items field. (Functioning similar to a shopping cart).

For more context- users will be able to see their own CMS2 items, but not other users. While every user will be able to see all of CMS1. CMS1 will be constantly updated and added to and will be available to view for all users, while CMS2 items will only be available to users created “lists” or items.

I have tried embedding some custom code and using forms+zapier+logic, however, nothing has quite worked except for having one CMS that every user would share. I have searched forms here, on other websites, and Youtube videos but nothing has been specific enough.

I am open to approaching this problem differently, but don’t have the experience to know exactly the best way to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Without unpacking the details of your design issue, this part is the most important. Likely you need some form of membership system to track who is accessing the site, and to store whatever data they’ve created.

Based on your “limited experience in coding” comment, I’d lean into one of two approaches.

  1. Memberstack + custom coding, which gives you a framework to do your development against. It will help simplify problems.

  2. WWX. Webflow + Wized + Xano. More expensive monthly but takes you down a more nocode route for your special UI needs and user-specific data capture.