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Adding a background svg to a block

I can do this, but then the svg is not shown unless I jam it inside a text box and add a bunch of carriage returns. Shouldn’t I just be able to see it if I create a section and stick it in there? When I do that, the default section size is shown (it doesn’t expand vertically to show the whole svg, which should fill the page from top to bottom. I also want it to be right justified, which seems to work, but I don’t think that would affect this…)


Hey John I personally have not run into this issue. Can you show your public link or a screenshot of what you mean?

Here you go. Regardless of what container type I use to deposit the svg image in, I can only see any of it if I stick some text in there and a bunch of carriage returns. I think it might become obvious why it’s not working if there was an easy ‘show code’ screen to swap over to… :wink:


Oooh I see what you’re trying to do here - I’ll change the title of your post to better describe your situation. If you want the image to always fill the background I would select the Body element and add the background there. It looks like you added it to a block and added 100% height on it. It’s not doing anything because it’s parent doesn’t have a fixed height. Just a CSS lesson for you there. In web design if you set a background color or image on a block, it will only be as tall as the elements inside of it. Quick lesson on document flow.

What you can do is set it to “100vh” instead of 100% and that will fill the whole vertical height.

Yes, while I totally agree (and although my pure-coding web design skills are still beginner) - I could swear I tried at least 10x when I first opened the webflow interface to add a background image to the Body element from scratch, and it refused to give me that as an option.

Also: I don’t suppose there’s a way to drag an image that’s already been uploaded to a different style/parent? (Meaning, if I want it in the body, it needs to be uploaded again there)?

thanks very much!!