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addEventListener not working in IE8. Please help!

Hi all, I have a site that I am developing for a client whose users are using IE8 70% of the time. It causes major problems with how we develop, but it’s something I have to deal with unfortunately.

I ran into the following error when debugging in IE8 and was hoping someone could help me out. “Object doesn’t support the property or method - webflow.js” The code that IE8 tells me that it does not support is as follows:

el.addEventListener(‘touchstart’, start, false);
el.addEventListener(‘touchmove’, move, false);
el.addEventListener(‘touchend’, end, false);
el.addEventListener(‘touchcancel’, cancel, false);
el.addEventListener(‘mousedown’, start, false);
el.addEventListener(‘mousemove’, move, false);
el.addEventListener(‘mouseup’, end, false);
el.addEventListener(‘mouseout’, cancel, false);

This code was created based on an interaction that displays text based on a link that’s clicked. There are several different links to choose from that each have a paragraph of text that accompany it. Similar to tabs, but this was done via interactions.

If anyone can assist in figuring out how I can fix this to work in IE8, I’d be extremely grateful.

Thanks for looking.

Hi @sigad, we pushed a fix for this bug on July 18th.

You can make sure you have the latest code by going to your site settings, pressing “Unpublish” then “Publish”.

Hope that helps!

That’s really awesome. Thanks so much.
I’ll check the code out to see what the error was, I’m curious.

Basically, when we revamped our touch events module we forgot to gracefully degrade it to work on IE8 :scream_cat:

IE8 does not support addEventListener, among other things.