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Added Scrollify js to page but is bugged

Hey guys,

I added the Scrollify js ( onto my site’s page (v2[ home]) but the js doesn’t run properly until I scrolled to the last panel. Is this because of the interaction I used for the horizontal scroll page.
How do I troubleshoot? ? ?

(tldr: added js is bugged)

Here is my public share link: 1
Here is the live web preview: 2

not sure what the bug is, but it looks fine to me:

Also, what do you need Scrollify for?

omg hi Nelson.

okay sorry, I tried adding the src code to my head tag to see if it runs properly that way but it ended up not running the code at all.

I just updated the site, could you see the scroll jacking effect. it doesn’t run until you scroll to the last screen.

Hey Nelson,

I managed to solve the problem! Thanks for taking time in the first place to take a look at my stuff. Really grateful! Hope to see you soon on more yt live streams !!! Have a good day ahead!



glad you fixed it! :smiley: See you in future stream chat rooms.