Added new domain name, but redirecting to old domain name

Please help me fix my domain.

I had as my default domain previously.

I just tried updating my domain to (went through adding the correct records to my amazon account where I purchased the domain)

I had as my default and then deleted this domain from webflow.

I made as my new default domain and published.

Now everything redirects still to

Is there some cache I need to clear??

I’m getting redirects also which means it’s not your browser cache, it’s your Webflow server configuration.

I cannot see that, even if you shared the project link- but my guess would be that you need to…

  • Double check the 2 A records to make sure the IPs are right
  • Double check the www CNAME to make sure it’s right, and using the SSL redirect
  • Make sure SSL is on
  • Make sure the WWW version is set as the default domain
  • Republish

Hey @NickLinck!

The too many redirects error generally means you’ve got the root domain set as default without the correct DNS setup.

To fix this issue, you need to set the full domain ( as the default domain.

  1. Go to site settings → Publishing → custom domain
  2. Set the www version of your domain as the default domain.
  3. Publish your site
  4. Visit your site and it should work fine. If you still see the issue, try in incognito mode. If the site still shows the error message, just give it a few minutes or clear the browser cache and try again.

If not, I’d suggesting contacting support:

Hope that helps!