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Added an image and uploaded, but no image is shown

I have thrown an image into a container, then I uploaded an image. In the style tab I see the image as if its uploaded and good to go, but on the left in he preview window its a gray box. If I click preview site in the menu on the far left it still won’t show the image?

Hm, that’s really weird @jgervin. Can you try to refresh Webflow and see if that fixes it? Maybe there was something wrong with the upload process. Let me know if that fixes it. What’s your filename for the image? That might also play a role if there are special characters.

I removed the image tag and added it again and it works now?

When I add a background image to the desktop version it isn’t appearing in the other formats - It should show up on all shouldn’t it?

I just upgraded to Pro - seems to be working now.

so upgrading the software makes it work better? I can’t get the image placement to work on at all. I’ve tried refreshing, closing out and reopening.

Hi @chunte21, upgrading has zero effect on upload functionality, so it must have been a coincidence. Can you please send us a support request with a public link to your site? We can take a closer look at what’s going on.