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Add 'x' amount of images within the CMS

Hi guys,

I’m building a portfolio site for a client with designated case studies for each job they’ve completed.

The design is quite minimal, and on each project page, I’m simply listing images below one another.

What’s the tidiest way within a collection that allows the client via the CMS to add ‘x’ amount of images.

I know that I could simply just add say 30 image fields within my collection, but that wouldn’t look neat and tidy within the CMS.

Is there a neat trick that i’m missing.

Appreciate the help!

Hello @Joshwebflow

Maybe using the rich text element could help?

Can’t think of any other neat tricks as such…

Try and get a feel for the usual amount of photos that are needed per case study, or ask if they could commit to a maximum and build the design (seems like you have done so) in a way that will respond well and look fine whether there are 2 or 20 images.

There are a few tips here to do with CMS and images, but more to do with mixing collections, might be useful though: Website for cardealer, should i try it?

Hope that helps a little…

Create an a Collection of images. Then include a multi-ref field in the portfolio items Collection. Reference images as need. (Pro tip: name the items in the images Collection with the client’s name at the beginning to speed referencing.)

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The only thing with that is that your CMS items quota will drain very quick if the amount of images per project is high

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