Add value to select field options based on CMS field

Hey folks, I have a CMS that has “name” and “status” as two fields. I’ve built a form with a select field that is CMS driven (lists all the “names”), but I want it to also associate each option with a value (“status”) from the CMS.

Here’s a use case: I have a list of 200 cities and only 50 of them are eligible for an offer. I have the 200 cities names under “names” in the CMS, and their eligibility status (Y/N) under “status” on the CMS. I have a form to collect information and the select field on the form shows all the cities. Now in order to decide whether the user is eligible, I need to know what the “status” value for the selected city is.

I’ve shared my read-only below, along with a screenshot of the code I’m using to display the CMS values in the select field.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Plum