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Add to Cart Error message

Anyone know why when on a product page, the add to cart shows an error and doesn’t update when you try to add a product, but when you go to the home page it shows?

Have you been able to figure it out @johnPrimal? It worked for me just now

Hey @johnPrimal

Thanks for the post. We had a few reports like yours and put out a fix for the issue. You should be able to add products to your cart as expected. If you’re still experiencing any problems please let me know.

Thanks again, for helping bring this to our attention.

Hi Alex, having a similar problem with Apple devices. When I ‘add to cart’ it works on Android and PC but not on Apple - simply states ‘adding to cart’ and freezes. It was working a week ago! Still doesn’t work if I delete my ‘cart’ and start over. My site is still at staging. Help please?