Add to cart by weight | Updated by products chosen

I would like to know if it is possible to create this feature on webflow.

I would like to propose to my customers an offer by weight (box).
Customers will be able to add several products to the cart, each with a defined weight. When a product is added to the cart, the weight should update until it reaches the maximum weight of the offer.

For example, the offer chosen by the customer is 2lbs, the customer has the possibility to add 4 products of 0.5lbs or 2 products of 1lbs etc…

Thank you for your feedback and for your time.
I wish you an excellent day.

@foxy can you help me? I have sent to you an email :slight_smile:

Hi @flmmm.
Just emailed you back. For anyone else that has similar needs, ​what you’re after should be possible. There may be some custom code needed to set the weight thresh-hold and communicate it to the customer.

​We’ll need to see your read-only link and/or mockups so we can get a better understanding of the desired flow/functionality: