Add subcategories section to my categories template

Hello Guys,

I need help to build my blog categorie template.

I would like to add section which shows the subcategories related and their blog posts.

I have no idea how to create it. I have add the references to my blog post. They have a categorie and a subcategorie.

You have 4 screenshots of my settings (maybe I am wrong somewhere…)

Thank you for your help <3

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Hi Camille,

Unfortunately the Webflow CMS and Collection list designs do not support hierarchies well. You can describe blog articles and categories well, but when you try to add sub-categories, you will hit some serious design limitations.

The usual way around this involves a lot of custom code, some duplicate fields in the CMS, and learning ninja-level skills on tools like Finsweet CMS Nets. That’s very expensive in time, and the end result is complex, fragile, difficult to admin, and often slow.

I happen to be working on some ideas to overcome this but it requires a reverse proxy and some special data pages. It won’t be ready for some time even if I find a solution I really like.

What I’d recommend instead is that you bend your project to Webflow’s limitations. One good approach is;

  • Keep categories
  • Blogs reference categories directly ( single ref )
  • Eliminate sub-categories and replace them with “tags”
  • Have your blogs multi-ref the tags

This gives you a few vectors of organization and navigation, but keeps a main topical structure in place as well.

Again, not perfect, but it can work.

Generally I avoid using Webflow’s nested lists and multi-refs, they’re both quite difficult to work with, however they work well for tags especially if you will generally be under 5 items for most blog entries.

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Thank you Michael :pray:

I will try yor way :slight_smile: