Add slide "titles" vs numbers in slider nav

I need to replace #'s in slider nav with Titles. Can this be achieved w/o custom code?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @bravestudios and welcome. I have looked at your request and I with help of @Davidlin_ch12 came out with a solution.


You can check this example to see it in action.
check the whole section I detail. you will add custom attribute as your text to replace the number. the code that make it happened is in page before body code section.

Hi and thank you, @Stan & @Davidlin_ch12. The “example” link leads me to an error. Can you update so I can see example?

Hi @bravestudios I have updated links

hi @bravestudios does this solved your issue?

Yes! It did. Thank you @Stan & @Davidlin_ch12 for your help here!