Add sample data after collection is made?

Hi there!

I made a collection and populated it with sample data, which worked fine. However, when I added a new field to the collection I cannot re-populate that new field with sample data.

Is this possible?

Silas B.

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Hi, :slight_smile:

I dont think so but you could select them all then delete them and make 5 new sample data entries :slight_smile:
or isnt that what you are looking for?

Oh yes! I actually reached out to webflow support for this.

I think they said: right now you can’t do that.

I didn’t want to delete all my information because that wasn’t sample data, but I didn’t yet have the correct information to add to the collection.

Oh well, it’s not a big deal. Eventually they’ll get data.

Thank you for the response!

If you all would like to see this happen, vote on the wishlist item! Add quick dummy data/image/text per cms field after | Webflow Wishlist

Leaving this for whoever stumbles upon the same problem, the easiest workaround is to export the CMS collection as a .csv, add the extra entries (you can use Excel or Google sheets), and re-import it back into your collection. Easy peasy.